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Chocolate almond cake

  Have you tried the combination of chocolate and almonds? Brings a cake that is fragrant and has a gentle bitterness to help you feel the truly impressive flavor 30gr cake flour 55gr almond powder 40gr whipping cream 35g melted unsalted butter 35g dark chocolate 12gr cocoa powder 150gr eggs 80g sugar 1gr salt 20g honey Baking temperature: 170 degrees Celsius, for 20-25 minutes. Mold 18x18cm Instruct:              Sift the cake flour and almond flour first              Boil in water bath: whipping cream, unsalted butter, chocolate and cocoa powder              Use another bowl: beat eggs with sugar, honey and salt.              Add the sifted flour to the eggs and fold evenly              Add the water bath mixture and fold evenly.              Finally, add a layer of dark chocolate and toasted pistachios

Chocolate Cake Recipe

          Chocolate Cake Recipe :- 6inch round cake •80g All Purpose Flour •25g Natural Cocoa Powder •1/4tsp Baking Powder •1/2tsp Baking Soda •1/8tsp Salt •65g Granulated Sugar •60g Milk (Soy | Oat | Dairy) •35g PlainYogurt or Sour Cream •30g Neutral Oil •3g White Vinegar •30g Freshly Brewed Espresso or 1/2 tsp Instant Coffee powder mixed with 30g of water •25g Warm Water  Method - Preheat the oven to 350f, cover the base of 6inch x 3 inch round cake ring with baking paper and secure the base with aluminum foil tightly wrapped or use a springform pan - In a bowl combine and sift all your dry ingredients. In a separate bowl combine all liquid ingredients. Mix dry ingredients into the liquid ingredients and mix slowly i until combined. - Pour the cake batter in the prepared 6inch cake tins and bake for 20- 25 minutes. Let the cake cool completely before pouring in Chocolate mousse.